A milestone project in the
evolution of artificial organs

Problem definition:

According to the WHO, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the fourth most common cause of death worldwide. It is expected to be the third by 2030. About 1 in 4 individuals are likely to be diagnosed and receive medical attention for COPD in their lifetime. Direct health costs for COPD patients are in excess of 10 billion € across the EU alone.With the exception of oxygen supplementation, no medical or surgical therapy has yet proven to significantly impact the progressively dismal course of the disease. In particular, no treatment has shown to effectively improve gas exchange at the level of the alveolar-capillary interface thus freeing the failing lung and the breathing pump from the need to perform at conditions that limit quality of life and physical activity.


AmbuLung focuses on designing, testing, and implementing a novel bioartificial device, a miniaturized ambulatory extracorporeal respiratory unit that will be lined with endothelial cells to improve the gas exchange and prevent thromboembolic complications. These improvements will in turn lead to enhanced durability and patient compatibility. Accordingly, the work to be performed comprises both engineering and biological/biomedical components and entails a close collaboration between an SME and three premier academic research centers in Europe. This site is meant to descripe the objectives and to document the progress and outcome of the AmbuLung project. As such it will be modified and extended as we proceed. As we greatly value your feedback and suggestions, you are welcome to get in touch with comments and questions at any time.

This project is funded by the European Union EU-Flagge sfp