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This project is performed by an interdiscipliary, multinational team of experts.

The clinical trial of AmbuLung as described in Work package 6 will be conducted in the Careggi University Hospital, UNIFI.



The UNIFI team



Massimo Pistolesi, MD, FACCP Professor of Respiratory Medicine at UNIFI, Head of the Respiratory Medicine Unit of the University Hospital and Director of the Postgraduate School of Respiratory Medicine will be responsible for this section of the proposed research project. Present main clinical and research field of interest is the pathophysiology of COPD with particular reference to the identification of COPD clinical phenotypes. Other relevant research activities are the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, the diagnosis and pathophysiology of cardiogenic pulmonary edema and ARDS, the reflex defense mechanisms of the respiratory system (cough), the metabolic (non-respiratory) function of the lung, the study of pleural fluid and solute exchange, the functional imaging of the lung.


Francesca Bigazzi, MD has been recruited by means of the Ambulung financement as a Research Associate at UNIFI to be trained in the technique of extracorporeal CO2 elimination by using an iLA®activve console in the Intensive Care Unit of the Careggi University Hospital. She will be successively active in recruiting a small group of patients with end-stage COPD to test the implantability, long-term wearability, and safety of AmbuLung as first-in-man application. Since MD graduation she has been doing clinical and research activy in the field of COPD.

Other Respiratory Medicine staff members who will be undertaking a role in the research project will be Federico Lavorini, MD who has extensive experience on the pathophysiology and treatment of obstructive lung disease. Dr. Gianna Camiciottoli, MD has particular clinical and research interest in the correlation between CT imaging and COPD pathophysiology. Giovanni Fontana, MD is a world recognized expert on the physiology and pathophysiology of cough, and Chiara Cresci, MD is in charge of the twelve bed respiratory ward of the Unit. The Respiratory Medicine Unit staff who will participate in the study has acquired relevant research interest and clinical experience for the evaluation of patients with severe respiratory insufficiency. The Postgraduate students in Respiratory Medicine of UNIFI support the clinical and research activity of the Unit. The whole functional assessment of the patients recruited for the study will be performed in the departements laboratories, fully equipped with dedicated instrumentation. The outpatient clinics evaluate every year about five-six thousands patients with respiratory disease of whom more than one third are affected by COPD of various degrees of severity.

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This project is funded by the European Union EU-Flagge sfp