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This project is performed by an interdiscipliary, multinational team of experts.

The AmbuLung Consortium

This project will be performed by a team that is driven by the knowledge of a substantial medical need in chronic lung failure.

Quality of life and mortality are both insufficiently addressed in this patient population, especially when compared with medical device solutions for end stage heart failure that operates for several years without cellularized surfaces, which allows patients to be mobile and live at home.

By contrast, artificial lung designs with their large artificial surfaces have limitations in durability thus making wearability or home care use difficult to achieve.

Only a cross border approach based on our awareness and capability will ensure the success of the AmbuLung system.


The Ambulung Consortium

The Ambulung Team



We need to accomplish:

  • a miniaturized bioartificial lung design that addresses all aspects of the viability needs of a cellular layer rather than just seeding cells on a matrix,
  • a sound approach to attaching a cellular surface to an artificial matrix
  • the design of a miniaturized wearable control / power supply system

The AmbuLung consortium believes that there is no other team constellation with this multifaceted complementary accumulation of expertise and proven cross border development capabilities.


Aside from being driven by a medical need this project team consists of individuals who have proven track records as clinicians, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, various combinations of these roles are represented in individual team members.

We are convinced that the combined effort of this European team has the potential to create a door opening pioneer product that will trigger further research and development efforts to relieve suffering from end stage lung failure.


The complementarity between participants is demonstrated by the leading expertise in the fields represented in the individual work packages.


The stem cell and bioprocessing expertise at Imperial College is fully complementary to the expertise of Novalung and Fraunhofer on gas exchange membranes, surface biofunctionalisation, and device miniaturisation, which will result in a cellularized AmbuLung device.


Imperials expertise on stem cells will also complement Fraunhofers expertise on in vitro testing resulting in the functional assessment of the quality of the bioprocessed cells. Finally, Imperials expertise on bioprocessing is complimentary to its GMP production expertise and will deliver the production of clinical grade cells for the pre-clinical and clinical safety and efficacy assessment of the AmbuLung device.


Fraunhofer has an in-depth expertise in designing and testing bio-artificial devices, with both cell seeded and un-seeded natural and artificial surfaces, at the bench and in clinical studies. The multidisciplinary laboratory groups at Fraunhofer will also provide theoretical and practical support within all the different phases of the project.


The University Hospital of Florence is one of the largest hospitals in Italy, a joint venture between the University and the Hospital Careggi. It is one of the national referral centers for extracorporeal respiratory support and it has permanent links with national and international research centers and medical organizations. Its fundamental objective is to perform quality clinical research.


The complementarity is further enhanced by the cross border expertise at Novalung, which has been founded as a therapy driven company by experts with both scientific and clinical backgrounds blended with world class medical device engineering and clinically proven biotech surface / coating expertise.

Novalungs currently marketed products have a CE marked coating based on recombinant and human proteins among other substances.


The individual accomplishments of the participants show a track record of proven execution in their fields thus giving the AmbuLung project a high probability of success. Some participants have collaborated bilaterally in the past, always driven by creating new solutions for lung failure.


AmbuLung will not be an isolated novel project for any of the participants but it will be a logical continuation of and integration of their individual work towards a bigger common goal:


The relief of suffering in advanced chronic lung failure


Novalung has been established to provide solutions for lung failure. It will ensure commercialisation of the products resulting from AmbuLung based on a proven track record in developing, manufacturing and marketing artificial lung systems.

Novalung will commercialise and clinically establish AmbuLung through its proven structures and processes. It develops, manufactures and markets artificial lungs.

The Novalung Academy is geared towards teaching, supporting and studying new respiratory support procedures and runs in house and onsite training programs for artificial lungs.

Clinical support onsite helps hospitals to establish Novalungs artificial lungs and the associated treatment protocols.

All of these resources can be utilized in the commercialisation of AmbuLung based on in depth clinical and market expertise and a vast network of clinicians from the respiratory field, whom Novalung already collaborates with today.

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This project is funded by the European Union EU-Flagge sfp