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This project is performed by an interdiscipliary, multinational team of experts.

Novalung‘s mission is to create innovative solutions for the treatment of lung failure.

The company’s innovative membrane ventilators (artificial lungs) provide oxygenation and CO2 removal outside the patient’s body thus avoiding invasive mechanical ventilation, sedation and immobility.


The pioneering task together with leading clinicians is to develop new treatment protocols to replace invasive mechanical ventilation especially for severe AECOPD.

Novalung GmbH was founded in 2003 and is active across the European markets meanwhile.

Cutting-edge technologies are employed in the company’s cleanroom manufacturing facility, where all products like membrane ventilators, cannulas and blood pumps are produced.

The Novalung team

Georg Matheis has more than 25 years of clinical, scientific and business expertise in extracorporal organ support. He co-founded the company and serves as managing director since the company's inception. Georg teaches at Goethe University in Frankfurt, where he served in academic and clinical positions as a cardiac surgeon, MD and as Associated Professor. He is also Professor h.c. at FAMEMA, Marilia/Sao Paulo. His training includes positions at UCLA, Freiburg University and Goethe University. He is a distinguished speaker and lecturer and is the author of numerous scientific articles. Georg is the Principal Investigator (PI) of Novalung within the AmbuLung project.


Reinhold Beuter is a software engineer and worked in the field of autonomic robots and the development of ECU's (Electronic Control Units) for the automotive industry for nearly 25 years. For the last 8 years he is working in medical device industry and develops successfully electronic hardware systems for extracorporal support. With his group of software and hardware engineers Reinhold is responsible for the development of the miniaturized and wearable hardware within the AmbuLung project.


Fabian Metzger is a mechanical engineer with particular expertise in the field of MEMS technologies, particulary with regard to their application in medical technologies. At Novalung he works as a development engineer on the further improvements of gas exchangers. Within the AmbuLung project Fabian and his collegues contribute to the optimization of the gas exchanger unit in relation to its portability and mobility.


Esther Novosel is a biotechnologist who did her doctorate in the field of tissue engineering with a strong focus of surface functionalization of biomaterials, cell- material interaction studies and bioreactor design for dynamic culture of tissue engineered blood vessels. She has wide experiences in endothelial cell culture and in special surface treatments for better endothelial cell adhesion on polymer surfaces. She published in international peer reviewed journals and is involved in a patent concerning biomaterial design for use in biomedical devices.

Esther is Project Manager in the AmbuLung project.


Jörg Schneider is a biomedical engineers with 30 years of experience in various management positions in sales, marketing and general management in the medical device industry in Europe. Before he joined Novalung he worked as a consultant in the medical device industry. Before this he was the CEO of the german subsidiary of a leading US company in the sleep- and respiratory-medicine business. Ha ran a team of 300 employees in the departments of sales, marketing, administration, customer service, finance and human ressources. Jörg has extensive expertise in successful product launches and interdisciplinary pioneer work to establish new treatment options in the area of pulmology, cardiology and heart surgery. Jörg is the Coordinator, Project Manager and LEAR of the AmbuLung project.




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Beside its tasks as project coordinating partner within the consortium, Novalung’s overall goal is to develop and produce a miniaturized and wearable artificial lung system – the AmbuLung

This project is funded by the European Union EU-Flagge sfp